The death toll and the number of infected people are rising everyday but we may be coming to the end of Corona Virus threat. Since the beginning of the outbreak first time the graphics of the infected people and death toll flattened. This is a serious indicator that corona virus has been finally well confined. Most probably, the virus has been reached to its peak and the number of infections and death toll shall reduce significantly in the following days.

Naturally, we cannot talk about a total relief right now but the world’s reaction towards the virus is very serious and there is no doubt that all nations shall take utmost measures not to get infected. In fact China claims that some countries are over reacting to that virus as common flu kills substantially more people than the corona each year regularly.

There is no doubt that medical sector all around the world shall benefit from the Corona Vırus a lot as their sales shall increase substantially. And people stay alerted until someone comes up with the vaccine of that virus. Needless to say, the company who finds the cure for the corona first shall substantially increase its revenues.

There are already some conspiration theories regardıng the origin of the virus. Regardless of these theories China will be the number 1 victim of the virus as its economy shall need years to recover. The strong economies, like US, Germany and Japan shall fulfill the gap of Chinese exporters by having great pleasure.

Most probably at the end of March this year, the corona Virus shall no longer be a fatal threat to the health of people but its negative effects on Chinese economy shall continue for a long time.