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Türkiye, NATO ve Transatlantik İlişkiler

İlgililerin Dikkatine!!! Başvuru Tarihi Güncellenmiştir! Enstitümüz tarafından 17-18 Nisan tarihlerinde düzenlenecek olan ‘Türkiye, NATO ve Transatlantik İlişkiler’ başlıklı sertifika programımıza başvurular başlamıştır. Detaylı bilgiye broşürlerden ulaşabilirsiniz.


Peeling Turkey Away from Russia’s Embrace: A Transatlantic Interest

From a European and transatlantic standpoint, it is as troubling as it is counter-intuitive: a de facto partnership has developed between Russia and Turkey, surrounding Europe. Paradoxical as it may be, the trend is now clear and represents a thorn in the side of European and transatlantic interests. The paradox lies in the fact that


Democracy or Plutocracy? – America’s Existential Question

Kishore Mahbubani is a Distinguished Fellow at the Asia Research Institute of the National University of Singapore. This essay contains excerpts from his latest book Has China Won? (2020). You may follow him on Twitter @mahbubani_k.   Is the United States of America still a functioning democracy or has it become, for all practical purposes, a plutocracy? And


Another Turning Point in the EU and Turkey Relations?

On 10-11 December, the leaders of the EU countries come together in Brussels last time in this chaotical year. In addition to the fight against COVID 19 pandemic and EU-UK relations, the tension between Turkey and two EU member states, Greece and Cyprus, in the Eastern The Mediterranean will be one of the main discussion


The EU’s “New Pact on Migration and Asylum” is missing a true foundation

On September 23, the European Commission launched the “New Pact on Migration and Asylum,” proposing to overhaul the European Union’s long ailing policies in this area. European Union Vice President Margaritis Schinas likened the pact to a building with three floors, comprised of: an external dimension (“centered around strengthened partnerships with countries of origin and

armenian problem

Nagorno Karabakh conflict and EU-Turkey relations: Options ahead

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev’s demands to include Turkey in the Nagorno-Karabakh solution process should be taken seriously by the EU, so as to provide a fresh start to cooperation with Turkey. The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, which was ignited by Armenia’s adventurist territorial claims against the sovereignty of Azerbaijan, began in the late-1980s. It comes as no


China in Balkans from the EU Perspective

  In the early 2000s, China started to take an active role around the world. On the other hand, we see that it started to be active in the Balkans after Xi Jinping’s examination of the Belt Road Project, which extends from Asia to the Balkans, was announced in 2013. Subsequently, 67% of the Greece-Piraeus


Statement of European Union Foreign Policy Chief, Josep Borrell: The Old Empires Are Coming Back

High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell Frontelles made a speech at the European Parliament on 15 September. The EU’s Foreign affairs chief, Mr.Borrell made a statement concerning the Eastern Mediterranean and Turkey’s foreign relations at the meeting of the European Parliament. In his speech, he said, “The