FPI Foreign Policy in National and International Media Weekend

Foreign Policy is organizing weekend webinars about various international relations subjetcs. Our most recent subject is “Foreign Policy in National and International Media”. The webinar will be in Turkish language and will cover the weekend of May 8-9 2021.

The speakers are distinguished expert of their fields. Here are the details of the webinar;

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Covid 19 brought some significant changes into our lives. In academic world one of the main changes is the rise of online meetings and webinars. Foreign Policy Institute took that opportunity to increase its educational capabilities. Currently, FPI is organizing 5-6 week long webinars in various subjects mostly related to Turkey and world politics. The participants of these programs are facing a group of highly experienced academicians who follow world politics closely. Each week participants have the opportunity to attend 2-3 webinars organized by FPI. At the end of successful participation to all the webinars during the program, FPI issues a certificate to the name of the participant.

To learn the details of the beginning dates of the programs you may contact with us through email: fpi@foreignpolicy.org.tr, or follow us from twitter: @foreignpolicyi1

A sample of most recent webinars in one particular program is as follows;


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