Towards a New International Order -Seyfi Taşhan

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Towards a New International Order -Seyfi Taşhan

During the Obama era US policy aimed first to stabilize and pacify the situation in Israel and Palestine. However, this policy was challanged by Israel which used its innate influence in the US Congress. The result was a limited use of influence in the Middle East and friendly relations with Russia and most of the regional actors.  President Obama supported fight against ISIL without contributing much to the military fight  against this new force in the Middle East.

His successor Donald Trump’s declared aim was “America First” and radical steps to reduce liberal US involvement in the global climate agreement and contractual international economic cooperation efforts. Under the new situation in Syria he chose to send troops to the Kurdish held areas and give some  support in the fight against ISIL. However, possibly, the aim was to counter Russian presence and influence in Syria and provide full support to Israeli and its Zionist expansionist policies to the detriment of Palestinians and  the two state solution. His effort to move the US Embassy  to Jerusalem and his withdrawal from the nuclear  deal with Iran and in the economic field rising customs duities on import of steel and aluminium products was also a blow to all exporting  countries of these products.

A new situation has thus been created in the international relations and particularly in US relations with Europe, Russia and China. This also effects negatively the common defence feature of the Atlantic Alliance. It seems a new situation has arisen in the post Cold War era that might distrupt the liberal relations pattern and sharply damage UN’s contribution to the world peace and security in the world.

Seyfi Taşhan

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