Problem of Freedom in Palestine and the Middle East

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Problem of Freedom in Palestine and the Middle East

This article written by Yasemin Erge

As of October 2019, one of the biggest uprisings in their history has occurred in Iraq.

Iraqi citizens, who are not satisfied with their financial situation, wages, and living conditions,
took to the streets. These actions, which have no religious or political relationship, spread to
all of Iraq in a short time.
The main target of the protesters was the administration, which was enriched by oil,
but did not see its people, leaving the people to poverty. Their second goal was Iran, which
had taken over certain institutions of the state.
Iraqi citizens started to protest to live more freely and dominantly.
The use of only the Palestinian flag and no symbols during the protests is a sign that it
is a peaceful demonstration, an action.
Another part that attracted attention in the shows was that the protesters were very
young. This situation shows us that the new generation has started to do something for their
country and they want to live free.
The Iraqi administration and Iranian militias were brutal to these events. The parties
that opened fire to the protesters killed hundreds of people, but the protesters continued to
Turkish Restaurant, which became the center of the protests, was printed by militia
and the Palestinian flag was hung on the building.
The Middle Eastern regimes have turned Palestine into a weapon they have pointed at
the other side. These groups, who declared themselves defenders of the Palestinian cause,
showed criticism and protests as a betrayal of the Palestinian cause, and they also used
weapons to suppress them.
Another aspect of this issue. Palestine is also widely used to hide the expansionist
ambitions of some countries. The Iraqi regime would legitimize its expansion towards Jordan
again through Palestine.
Iran uses Palestine as a puppet and forms small communities within other countries. Iran uses
Palestine to interfere with other countries’ internal affairs.

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