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Conflict With Small Powers Derails U.S. Foreign Policy

The Case for Strategic Discipline By Michael Singh Over the past decade, U.S. policymakers have argued for a renewed focus on great-power competition. The primary threats facing the United States, they suggest, are powerful states with global reach that seek to counter both American interests and the international order that safeguards them. But American foreign


Turkey and Libyan Crisis

Two Main Rival Factions Like most of the Arab nations in Arab Spring of 2011, protests also broke out in Libya, a geopolitically important state in the international arena because of its richest oil reserves in the North Africa. Eventually these protests led to a civil war and the death of the leader, Muammar Gaddafi


Problem of Freedom in Palestine and the Middle East

This article written by Yasemin Erge As of October 2019, one of the biggest uprisings in their history has occurred in Iraq. Iraqi citizens, who are not satisfied with their financial situation, wages, and living conditions, took to the streets. These actions, which have no religious or political relationship, spread to all of Iraq in


From China to India

From China to India By George Friedman June 2, 2020 Open as PDF U.S.-China relations have been in decline for a long time. The United States had for years provided China with relatively free access to the American market. The United States wanted equivalent access to the Chinese market, but China was unable to grant this.