French Elections 2020

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French Elections 2020

This article written by Yasemin Erge


The 2020 French municipal elections were held from 15 March to 28 June. The
election system of France consists of two rounds. Local elections held a few days ago
surprised France. French president Macron was defeated. In 2015, local elections were held
last. With the elections held this year, we see that the right-left balance in France is changing
In these elections of France, the greens left their mark on the left. Greens won mayors
in important cities such as Lyon, Strasbourg, Bordeaux, Tours, Poitiers, Besançon in alliance
with the left. In Paris, socialist candidate Anne Hidalgo became the president again by taking
50 percent of the votes in alliance with the Greens. Greens, who could not participate in the
second round by getting 6% votes in 2015, won the second round by winning 13.5% in 2020
and won in many leading cities. We see that the alliance between parties increased in 2020. In
the second largest city of France, Marseille also called the ”spring of Marseille” alliance, and
many years later the city took the majority from the right.
In general, while the voting rate of the right parties decreased, the left parties were
prepared very well for the elections. As a result of these elections, the Greens took the flag of
innovation in the hands of President Macron. They had the right to undress the leadership of
the opposition. In the upcoming presidential elections, it is envisaged that a large part of the
left will participate in the elections by standing behind the candidate of the Greens from the
first round.
Macron’ party ‘’En Marche!’’ It was founded in 2016 and did not participate in the
2015 elections. However, he was elected by putting his candidacy for presidency in 2017.
Pratisi is located in the center. Macron, who made warnings for the far right in the previous
elections, was the left threat in these elections.
Uncomfortable with the extreme left’s strengthening, Macron decided to prepare better
for the presidential elections to be held 2 years later. Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, whose
government has been in office for three years, and his cabinet resigned. They cited Edouard
Philippe’s election as the mayor of Le Havre for this reason. Jean Castex was appointed as the
new prime minister.
Macron’s change of prime minister shows that he will be a candidate again in the
elections after 2 years and does not want him to set an obstacle in front of the rising left.
Because after 2 years, if the votes continue increasingly, Macron will say goodbye to the

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