As we all know things get different when its related with US. After not taking the virus as a serious threat for a while US government and institutions declared some heavy measurements to fight with the infection. US stopped the flights from Europe to US as Europe especially Italy is now the hot point of the corona virus. They have included militarey forces to fight with the virus. National Basketball Association suspended the NBA league for an indefinite period of time. It is sure that other sports associations will act similarly especially for the indoor sports. These are really strict measures and we will see if there will be a lock down similar to Italy’s in the near future.

In the mean time the effects of virus in China has almost been neutralized. New infected cases dropped close to zero and there are news that the production shall begin soon in the Wuhan region where the virus originated. In all around the world most of the countries are taking measures and for sure some of the nations are in an unnecessary panic.

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