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old system

The UN’s structures built in 1945 are not fit for 2020, let alone beyond it

Grand redesigns “If you didn’t have the un you really would have to reinvent it,” says Stephen Schlesinger, author of a history of its founding. Maybe, but nobody in their right mind would design it as it exists today. Insiders complain of a tangle of overlapping agencies, senseless silos and barricaded budgets. “If you locked


The new world disorder

If America pulls back from global institutions, other powers must step forward Seventy-five years ago in San Francisco 50 countries signed the charter that created the United Nations—they left a blank space for Poland, which became the 51st founding member a few months later. In some ways the un has exceeded expectations. Unlike the League

Global security crisis

Redefining National Security for the Post-Pandemic World

Jun 3, 2020 ANNE-MARIE SLAUGHTER This article taken from   Three decades of efforts to broaden the definition of “national security” have largely failed, and it is time to try a new approach. Thinking instead in terms of global security would expand policy discussions beyond national governments and lead to a stronger emphasis on making


Peace Support Operations[1] HASAN GOGUS

Peace Support Operations[1] HASAN GOGUS Let me start by welcoming our foreign guests to Turkey for this important conference jointly organized by Bilkent University and the Centre for European Security Studies. I am grateful for the opportunity to address this gathering of eminent academicians and senior officials. The subject matter of the deliberations today and