FPI Panel at METU Conference June 12-14, 2013

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12 th annual METU Conference on International Relations was held on 12-14 June 2013 encompassing discussions on “Turkey in the World”. Turkish Foreign Policy Institute organized on June 12 th a roundtable entitled “International and Domestic Developments and Their Impact on Turkish Foreign Policy”.

Panelists were Mr. Seyfi Taşhan, President of the Institute, who analysed the defining factors in the formation of Turkish foreign policy, Mr. Reşat Arım, Ambassador (Rt.) and Board Member of the Institute, discussed effects of international conjuncture giving examples on changes in Turkish policy on Cyprus, Mr. Oktay Aksoy, Ambassador (Rt.) and also Board Member of the Institute, focused on the security factor, and Prof. Dr. Ali Engin Oba, Head of International Relations Department of Çağ University and also an Ambassador (Rt.) analysed impact of Turkey’s European identity on its foreign policy.

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