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It is summer time but education never stops. FPI is giving the students some opportunities to extend their knowledge of international relations and diplomacy skills. FPI has three different programs that will start in the coming weeks;

Internship Program – Our new internship program begins on July 18th 2022 and it will be the 14th internship program following the emergence of the Covid when we diverted our programs to online education. During that time more than 1000 students attended our programs and received their certificates upon completion of their education. This is a fundamental course for international relations students where you receive all basic notions of international relations from the best academics and diplomats of Turkey. Those experts harvest the basic notions with their current and developing knowledge of the topics and present you in an efficient way.

The main advantage of our program is to find the most elite group of instructors together in one program. Although all the universities have powerful education programs it is nearly impossible to find so many experts in one program. That is what FPI offers to the students.

Our registration for that program is open until 17th of July, so it is better to act at once if you are interested in this program.

You can find the application link at out twitter page;

Diplomacy School – This will be the 7th program of diplomacy school and the program is specifically for the students/academicians who are mostly interested to become a diplomat or learn to interact with diplomats from all around the world. The timing of this particular program is in line with Turkish Foreign Ministry’s new recruiting schedule. It will be very valuable for the students who are planning to take a role in Turkey’s future as a diplomat.

As expected, the retired diplomats and expert academicians will share their own experiences about the MFA’s exams. They will also give an extensive view on current situation of the foreign politics all around the world. So it is a rare opportunity for the students who are willing to take the exam of MFA.

The dates and details of the program are at our twitter page;

Prof. Dr. Tarık Oğuzlu International Politics and Foreign Policy Education Program – This will be a first for FPI as our valuable Prof. Dr. Tarık Oğuzlu shall give the whole topic by himself. He is FPI’s one of the most valuable instructors since the beginning of our online programs and he will reflect his valuable knowledge to the students. You must register from the following link to take that course.

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