The unrest in Syria finally affected Turkey in a shocking manner. It was reported that last night 33 soldiers were killed and several injured as a result of a fighter plane attack. The details are not clear yet but the attacks have been realized by Syrian military forces. Turkish forces are in Syria for the last couple of months and they have established 12 observatory points to ensure the safety of the region. However that attack was somehow expected as Syrian military forces are also around the region and trying to kill the terroristswho are against their regime.

Syria is backed up by Russia and Russia declared the region as a non flight zone for Turkish military planes. So Turkey is in a difficult situation right now, it has all the power to answer the attack but by doing that it may face serious problems with Russian Federation so steps should be taken very carefully.

As Turkey sees the Syrian problem very related with the refugee issue it decided not hold the refugees in camps but let them go to Europe by land and sea. Turkey has currently 5 million refugees, most of them Syrian origin. A substantial part of these refugees found a way of living in Turkey but there are still millions looking for migrating to a European country.

Coming months will be very troublesome for Turkey and Europe.

We will follow the developments.

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