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Turkey’s gradual estrangement from the West and the allure of the East

BY TARIK OĞUZLU Analyzing the causes of Turkey’s gradual estrangement from the West in recent years would be incomplete if one didn’t discuss the reasons why Turkish decision-makers feel quite comfortable in their interactions with their Chinese, Russian and Iranian counterparts. In addition to emerging ruptures in Turkey’s strategic cooperation with the United States during


Israel and the UAE Just Made Peace. Is It About Iran—Or Turkey?

Turkey, Qatar, and U.S. domestic politics loom just as large as the Islamic Republic in the Middle Eastern powers’ decision to normalize relations. by Matthew Petti   Israel will establish diplomatic relations with the United Arab Emirates and hold off on the U.S.-backed plan to annex part of the Palestinian territories, all three countries announced


“Turkish Foreign Policy in an Age of Uncertainty”

Presidential Spokesperson İbrahim KALIN was a guest of todays’ webinar where Turkey’s strategic position against the European Union(EU) and its’ relationship as an entity with each one of the European countries like Greece and France, or the Greek Cypriot Administration of Southern Cyprus was discussed. As we know, Turkey plays and has a crucial role


Turkey and Libyan Crisis

Two Main Rival Factions Like most of the Arab nations in Arab Spring of 2011, protests also broke out in Libya, a geopolitically important state in the international arena because of its richest oil reserves in the North Africa. Eventually these protests led to a civil war and the death of the leader, Muammar Gaddafi



Libya, which cannot be shared and important country in the world due to oil reserves, is a major part of the agenda today with the constant change of balances in the region. In Libya, which is in the 8th place in the world in terms of oil reserves, an authority gap occurred after the overthrow



By THO Contributor, Tarik Oğuzlu The dynamics of security relationship between the European Union and Turkey have been closely informed by the dynamics of security relationship each has with the United States. The role that the United States might potentially play in the context of EU-Turkey relations is strongly informed by the nature and quality


Turkey’s Cross-Border Raids Cannot Defeat PKK But May Turn Up Heat On Uncooperative Iraq

MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik – 19th June, 2020) Turkey launched another cross-border offensive on Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq this week despite protests from Baghdad, which fears that Ankara will continue expanding its military footprint in the semi-autonomous Kurdish region. The stated goal of the air-and-land raids is to roll back the outlawed Kurdistan


The Goal Must Be A Unified Post-Conflict Libya: What To Do Next?

Source: By Mehmet Öğütçü   The cards in Libya have been reshuffled after General Haftar suffered a string of military defeats, with his forces ousted from the Tripoli region, thanks to Turkish support on the ground. Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said Haftar had accepted a ceasefire but there is still skepticism over whether