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Statement of European Union Foreign Policy Chief, Josep Borrell: The Old Empires Are Coming Back

High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell Frontelles made a speech at the European Parliament on 15 September. The EU’s Foreign affairs chief, Mr.Borrell made a statement concerning the Eastern Mediterranean and Turkey’s foreign relations at the meeting of the European Parliament. In his speech, he said, “The


How is Davutoglu’s Strategic Depth viewed from the perspective of Turkic and Non-Turkic countries in the Caspian Region?

After the Kemalist revolution of 1923, Turkey started to pursue Western modernism with stabile and isolationist policy from their East neighbors and with the rejection of Ottoman culture. However, defensive and isolationist Western policy changed by Turgut Özal’s neo-Ottomanism approach. Demirel’s argument of the Turkish world from the Adriatic to the Chinese Wall in the

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The newly emerged geopolitics in the Middle East could be understood via understanding America’s foreign policy preferences in the region, not only in today’s terms but also in the past since there is an evident controversy. According to the current President of the United States of America Donald Trump: The U.S. has no interest in


Balkans-NATO-Turkey Relations in 1990s

In the 1910s, three important wars which were the First and Second Balkan Wars and First World War were lived. From these wars, everyone has a different importance. After Balkan Wars, independence and the map of states were determined, and after the First World War Kingdom of Yugoslavia was established. Then, after the Second World


Turkey-Greece Tensions

The tension between Greece and Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean continues feverishly. This is because countries can not compromise with other countries to protect their interests. A legal solution seems difficult due to the limited enforcement power of international law. The latest tension between the two countries is that the Turkish ship " Oruç Reis"


Idlıb crisis

The Civil War, which started with the increasing opposition to the regime in Syria in 2011, continues today. Turkey is bordered by Syria and Turkey to remain silent in this war because it was impossible. Although the first year of the war in Turkey’s foreign policy ;zero problems with neighbors policy was not to interfere



Western states, principally the Unites States and the EU, are concerned about the escalation of dispute in the Eastern Mediterranean.The persistent and uncompromising attitude of Turkey has been challenging Greece and the EU in political terms.In 2020, Eastern Mediterranean is like a bomb ready to explode due to the competition of possession of the offshore

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Turkey-EU relations: What is the Matter?

  Throughout the years, Turkey’s relations with the European Union has had fluctuations, and it has been the nature of all human-involved relationships. However, in the last 24 years, it might be right to say that it is only getting worse. Özdem Sanberk (R. Ambassador), in his online article, classified problems as tensions with Greece,