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The Case for Kissinger

by Jacob Heilbrunn HENRY KISSINGER, who recently turned ninety-seven, is America’s most celebrated living statesman. None of his successors has come close to matching the extraordinary blend of acclaim and notoriety, admiration and criticism that he attracted as national security adviser and secretary of state to Richard M. Nixon and secretary of state to Gerald

(Original Caption) WASHINGTON, D.C.: U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger appears before the Senate Appropriations Committee in Washington April 15 to urge approval of President Gerald Ford’s request for military and humanitarian aid to South Vietnam. After a period in which he was hailed for his diplomatic success, Kissinger recently has been the target of increasing domestic and foreign criticism as events unfold in the Middle East and in Cambodia and South Vietnam.

Welcome Back to Kissinger’s World

BY MICHAEL HIRSH Neoconservatism has died, and liberal internationalism is discredited. Perhaps it’s time to return to the ideas of one of the last century’s greatest realists. You can hate Henry Kissinger and think him evil. What you can’t do is ignore him—especially now. So argues Barry Gewen in his incisive new intellectual history of Kissinger