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Democracy or Plutocracy? – America’s Existential Question

Kishore Mahbubani is a Distinguished Fellow at the Asia Research Institute of the National University of Singapore. This essay contains excerpts from his latest book Has China Won? (2020). You may follow him on Twitter @mahbubani_k.   Is the United States of America still a functioning democracy or has it become, for all practical purposes, a plutocracy? And


China in Balkans from the EU Perspective

  In the early 2000s, China started to take an active role around the world. On the other hand, we see that it started to be active in the Balkans after Xi Jinping’s examination of the Belt Road Project, which extends from Asia to the Balkans, was announced in 2013. Subsequently, 67% of the Greece-Piraeus


Statement of European Union Foreign Policy Chief, Josep Borrell: The Old Empires Are Coming Back

High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell Frontelles made a speech at the European Parliament on 15 September. The EU’s Foreign affairs chief, Mr.Borrell made a statement concerning the Eastern Mediterranean and Turkey’s foreign relations at the meeting of the European Parliament. In his speech, he said, “The

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China and the World Economy

The People’s Republic of China is a unitary sovereign state in East Asia ruled by the Communist Party of China with a one-party regime. It is the world’s most populous country with approximately 1,400 billion and the second-largest country in terms of land area with 9.6 million km2. When we look at the structure of

epa05234271 (FILE) A file photo dated 26 October 2014 showing Japan’s Self-Defense Force (JSDF) members marching during the JSDF Air Review at Hyakuri air base in Omitama, Ibaraki prefecture, Japan. The country’s new defense laws come into effect on 29 March 2016 that will allow Japanese troops to fight overseas for the first time since World War II. The bill will allow Japanese troops to defend its allies and provide logistical support if attacked and participate in UN security operations and those aiming at maritime security or releasing kidnapped Japanese citizens abroad. The measure that was driven by the conservative Liberal Democratic Party of prime minister Shinzo Abe and the ‘New Komeito’ party has been approved in the lower house in September 2015 amid mass protests.  EPA/FRANCK ROBICHON

"Enrich the Country, Strengthen the Armed Forces’’

In his article, ‘’Enrich the Country, Strengthen the Armed Forces’’ 1, Hasan Kösebalaban opens up the discussion of Shinzo Abe’s legacy by mentioning his grandfather, Kishi who came to power by the support of the USA in order to counter the Yoshida’s doctrine; anti-military stance while building the economy. He then mentions what happened in


Russia and the Conflict Between China and the United States

For Russia, the question now is not how it will deal with China in the future, but how threatening Beijing’s confrontation with the United States is for its survival right now. If Russia assesses its neighbour’s confrontation with the United States as a systemic one, the task of breaking this Western adversary looks paramount for


Avoiding a new Cold War between the US and China

By Jeffrey A. Bader With the November presidential election looming, many China watchers are focused on what the outcome could mean for relations between Washington and Beijing. That question is no doubt a crucial one. At the same time, many trends in that all-important relationship are of course longer-term than one presidential administration. What are

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How Hegemony Ends

Multiple signs point to a crisis in global order. The uncoordinated international response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the resulting economic downturns, the resurgence of nationalist politics, and the hardening of state borders all seem to herald the emergence of a less cooperative and more fragile international system. According to many observers, these developments underscore the