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Putin’s Coercion Game

“I am gonna make him an offer which he can’t refuse”[i] Huseyin Oylupinar PhD in History and Cultural Studies, MA in International Relations, Academic Adviser in Eastern European Affairs, Foreign Policy Institute (Ankara) Formerly Founder and Resident Researcher of Turkish-Ukrainian-Crimean Tatar Studies Program at Harvard University[ii] @oylupinar Brute use of force and threats has

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Why Now? Vladimir Putin’s Quest for More Power

Huseyin Oylupinar (PhD) Foreign Policy Institute @oylupinar After December 17, 2021 template agreements published by the Russian Foreign Ministry,[i] Russian-US and Russia-NATO relations have entered a new phase within which Russian Federation’s administration threatens the US and NATO, if they fail to sign the agreements, with what Russian government terms as “military-technical measures”. Given

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Escaping the Perils of a Conflict: How Russia Pushes Sweden to NATO?

Huseyin Oylupinar (PhD) Foreign Policy Institute On December 17, 2021, the Russian Foreign Ministry issued two draft texts titled “Treaty between the United States and the Russian Federation on Security Guarantees”[i] and “Agreement on Measures to Ensure the Security of the Russian Federation and the Member States of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization”[ii]. The Russia’s

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Does Turkey Need a Weak or Strong Ukraine?

Does Turkey Need a Weak or Strong Ukraine? by Huseyin Oylupinar (PhD) Expert, Foreign Policy Institute Former Research Program Coordinator at CMES, Harvard University   Finding a plausible answer is essential as tensions rise between Russia on the one side, and Ukraine and the US on the other, while Turkey caught in between. I argue