Bundestag Resolution: Is it a show of “I am better than You” – Seyfi Taşhan

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Bundestag Resolution: Is it a show of “I am better than You” – Seyfi Taşhan

                                                                Bundestag Resolution:

                                        Is it a show of “I am better than You” – Seyfi TaşhanSeyfi Tashan.jpg

            What may be the cause or causes of the German attitude as reflected in the approval of the recent Armenian resolution in the German Bundestag?

There may not be a simple explanation to this attitude because it would under-rate the philosophy that dominates the German polity. It is also difficult to find an economic benefit to Germany to the detriment of Turkey or the Turkish Community in Germany. It cannot also be a reflection of a psychological advantage in Turkish-German relations.

Then, what cause or causes we may look for? Is it the result of a demonstrative political attitude to let the Turks  know their place against Germans reminding the attitude of Danny Ayalon,  Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister that set himself on a higher chair while forcing the Turkish Ambassador on a lower chair? Can it also be a reflection of their anger while the Turkish Community in Germany that still maintain their Turkish identity without becoming full Germans reminding the historic position towards theGerman Jews?

Maybe it is due to the German idea of solidarity with other European partners most of whom approved a similar resolution. Thus,  using this resolution as a quid-pro quo to Turkey’s growing interest to integrate with the European Union without prejudicing its own identity.

One more thought comes to mind. Maybe that Germans, ineffective in the Middle East affairs, want to penalize Turkey for not following common European policies for the area.  All of these factors need to be analyzed in detail but one factor have been effective that the Germans with their recent history cannot prosecute Turkey  or their ancestors in the Ottoman Empire. As when these events occured during the First World War, German Generals and German Government were allies and close friends of the Ottoman Generals. One wonders the current wisdom as shown in the Bundestag resolution which did not come to  the  minds of German Generals who constantly advised their counterpart leaders in the Orttoman Empire on all matters of war and were also party responsible for  German actions against Jews. It is, therefore, highly surprising that German civilian authorities remember and qualify  actions committed in the First World War while absolutely erasing from their minds what happened in the Second World War.

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