Foreign Policy Institute (FPI)

The Turkish Foreign Policy Institute (FPI) was founded in 1974 as a private organization.It’s Council of Administration is composed of academicians, diplomats and bureaucrats. The founder of the Institute, Mr. Seyfi Tashan, is now  the Honorary President. Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Bağcı is the current president of Foreign Policy Institute. The Turkish Foreign Policy Institute aims at contributing to foreign policy through research, meetings and publications.

Researchers come mostly from the Turkish universities.International conferences,seminars and workshops are organized mainly in cooperation with foreign counterparts.The Institute publishes by annual “Foreign Policy/Dış Politika”.

The FPI and its director are currently members of a number of international research and study centers.

It is currently affiliated to the Turkish Foundation for International Relations and Strategic Studies.

The current members of its Council of Administration are:

  • Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Bağcı, President of Foreign Policy Institute
  • Seyfi Taşhan, Honorary President of Foreign Policy Institute
  • Ambassador (Rtd.) Oktay Aksoy, Director of International Programmes of Foreign Policy Institute
  • Prof. Dr. Ali Karaosmanoğlu,
  • Prof. Dr. Yelda Ongun, Başkent University
  • Prof. Ersel Aydınlı, Executive Director of The Turkish Fulbright Commission
  • Prof. Dr. Erdinç Tokgöz, Ufuk University
  • Prof. Dr. Orhan Morgil, Economist
  • Ambassador (Rtd.) Numan Hazar
  • Ambassador Burak Akçapar, Director General for Policy Planning at the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Armand Clesse, Director IEIS, Luxembourg Institute for European and International Studies,
  • Prof. Mustafa Kibaroğlu, Chair Department of Political and International Relations, MEF University,
  • Nathalie Tocci, Deputy Director, Istituito Affari Internazionali,
  • Prof. Louis Tome,
  • Prof. Edoardo Boria,
  • Dr. Alexander Kaffka,
  • Prof. Haldun Yalçınkaya,
  • Prof. Tarık Oğuzlu,
  • Prof. Meliha Altunışık,
  • Prof. Pınar Bilgin,
  • Prof. Mustafa Aydın,
  • Prof. Çınar Özen,
  • Prof. Mehmet Öcal,
  • Prof. Tanju Tosun,
  • Prof. Gökhan Koçer,
  • Ambassador Fatih Ceylan


Contact information:

Address: İlker 1. Cadde, 1024. Sokak, Aylin Apt. Dikmen/ANKARA


Phone: +90312 478 5250