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FOREIGN POLICY INSTITUTE Sales Policies and Sales Agreement

(Updated: 7/24/22)

Pursuant to Section 3 of the Law on Regulation of Electronic Commerce 6563 (“Law”) as the FOREIGN POLICY INSTITUTE, all detailed information is on our website under the user’s contract and mileage agreement. We have designed our Sales Policies and User Agreement in the following manner to satisfy you as a customer and to inform you of the purchase process at This Sales Policy and our Agreement are part of our Terms of Use. By taking note of the terms of use, Sales Policy and Agreement and making any purchase of tickets and/or services on our website, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the Terms of Use and agree to abide by the Privacy Statement. Furthermore, in the event that you receive any complaints or complaints before purchasing any tickets or confirming your order, in the event of any sales policy and/or contractual provisions, we recommend contacting us at the contact number listed on our site. By purchasing tickets from our site and confirming your order, you agree to be bound by these Agreement terms. Therefore, when you buy tickets on our site, we strongly recommend that all processes, procedures, and procedures for event tickets be applied exactly as follows. The term is also referred to as the Institute for Foreign Policy. Also, by confirming your order; before you buy the ticket; a) You acknowledge and agree that you have notified the Consumer Court (s) of any disputes regarding the ticket and service for which you purchased our company, plus any additional costs (c) plus additional costs, additional costs, c), payment, delivery, bankruptcy information and settlement methods (e), and that you have not been authorized to withhold all provisions of the subsequent Agreement pursuant to section 15 of the Threshold Agreement. Before completing your ticket purchase, you will receive a Sales or user agreement, Privacy, and personal data protection guide via SMS or email. Even if your SMS or email is not received, you will be accepted as having read and approved the entire agreement printed on this page after you have paid and registered. We also stress that this Agreement is an integral part of the agreement. We would also like to inform you that you have been informed in a clear and comprehensive manner that you will be able to “pay upon approval of your ticket purchase order” with this agreement and pre-approval.

When you register precisely or pre-register, the FOREIGN POLICY INSTITUTE sends you a text or e-mail indication that contains the necessary information about the event you are referencing, such as session links and document links. Ticket Terms & Conditions

1. The person who purchased the ticket without any commercial purpose will decline and promise to use the ticket for private use unless expressly permitted by Event Organizer or event representatives, nor will they use it for any commercial or commercial activity. For example, the purchased ticket cannot be sold to third parties at any cost and cannot be provided at additional cost or otherwise; Tickets purchased will not be available for purchase without the WRITTEN consent of the FOREIGN POLICY INSTITUTE for promotional or other commercial purposes, including, but not limited to, advertisements, contests and draws. 2. Tickets are usually sold through a variety of distribution points, including the internet, call center, retail outlets. Tickets can run out quickly at popular events because all the sales channels have reached the same billing pool. In some cases, the organizer’s decision may include additional tickets prior to the event, but we do not have the control power over these capabilities or ticket availability and cannot guarantee any of them. 3. You are responsible for the ownership and control of electronic tickets to or from Sms or email, or for the paper ticket that you have manually purchased. When you register, you may not be allowed to enter the lounge because there are no event day email tickets, as long as the numbers on our website do not notify you, are deleted, or have arrived. There is no responsibility for lost, stolen or deleted paper tickets or e-tickets from the FOREIGN POLICY INSTITUTE. 4. FOREIGN POLICY INSTITUTE may cancel or change the dates and/or locations for a variety of reasons. The FOREIGN POLICY INSTITUTE determines and announces the procedure in this case. You are responsible for the announcement of a new date, new time and/or place of an event on or off date that the event was canceled. In the event an event is canceled, or changed, or moved, we at THE FOREIGN POLICY INSTITUTE will make reasonable efforts to notify ticket holders of the cancelation or modification. However, we make no commitment and/or warranty that ticket holders will be notified in the absolute manner of cancelation or modification prior to the event date. Rule 5, all ticket sales are final. You do not have the right to deviate tickets purchased under Section 15 (g) of the Disclosure Agreements Regulation. No ticket replacements/new ticket printing or refunds will be made if any sold tickets are lost, stolen, deleted or destroyed. Except as a cancelation of the event, tickets sold will not be canceled, altered or reimbursed in any way after the sale. In the event of cancelation, reimbursement amounts are limited to the printed fee of the purchased ticket and the corresponding per-ticket service charge, and there is no possibility of a claim for the transaction fee or miscellaneous cost. However, in the event of cancelation of the event, FOREIGN POLICY INSTITUTE has the right to make changes to the program, as it has the right to impose some limitations on terms of reimbursement. You are responsible for compliance with the latest return order dates and other instructions set by the FOREIGN POLICY INSTITUTE regarding reimbursement. Tickets and/or reimbursements are not available outside of the return dates set by THE FOREIGN POLICY INSTITUTE. 6. Tickets and/or purchase requirements are governed by the rules of the appropriate FOREIGN POLICY INSTITUTE. In the event that you violate or otherwise cause damage, cause discomfort, be unlawful, and/or otherwise constitute a criminal offense, the venue contact or Event Organizer has the right to remove you from the location or not to take you to the venue. The place can be searched from time to time for your safety. In addition, some organizers have the right to refuse tickets to customers who do not have personal information for safety reasons or other reasons. The fact that the credentials of those entering the event location are found at the event organizer may be necessary information for the event organizer, primarily for the purpose of providing security. Therefore, if you do not wish to have your personal information shared with the event organizer, you should carefully read the “Privacy Statement”, an integral part of this agreement, before completing the order and purchasing the ticket, as the event organizer has the right to refuse to sell tickets to you. The FOREIGN POLICY INSTITUTE will not be liable for this in the event that you are not able to sell tickets because you do not want to share your personal information with the event organizer. 7. Venue entries and exits are based on foreign POLICY INSTITUTE and the rules and regulations defined by the event venue. Generally, if you go out after ticket check, you will not be able to re-enter the event venue. If you’re late for the event, you can come in depending on the rules and regulations set by the Event Organizer, and these rules may vary depending on the organizer/venue. The FOREIGN POLICY INSTITUTE cannot and is not responsible for bringing in latecomers. 8. Use of the camera, mobile phone or recording equipment is subject to the rules and regulations defined by the FOREIGN POLICY INSTITUTE. Thus, cameras or other recording equipment, laser pens and mobile phones may be prohibited from entering the venue of the activity. 9. Foreign POLICY INSTITUTE may ban animals from taking to the site of activity except dogs who guide the disabled. 10. The FOREIGN POLICY INSTITUTE may prohibit embedding of food or drink brought from outside customers. 11. Venue, FOREIGN POLICY INSTITUTE, assumes no responsibility for customers’ personal belongings. 12. The holder of the ticket is only entitled to one location that is free of charge printed on the ticket, and the venue of the event or THE FOREIGN POLICY INSTITUTE reserves the right to grant the ticket holder a different location than the location indicated on the ticket. ONLY FOREIGN POLICY INSTITUTE is responsible for this situation. 13. This agreement text, after the establishment of the agreement, is stored by the Foreign POLICY INSTITUTE data and you can easily access it from our “Our Policies” section as of the revised dates. Or, you can easily access the physical copy by extracting the contract. As a result, we would like you to know that it is possible to easily provide and maintain contract terms and general terms of operation from you. Your access to the agreement will continue in proportion to the provision of our site. 14. The confidentiality policy and personal data set forth below is an additional and integral part of this Agreement and shall be applied in full and in accordance with this Agreement. Therefore, we strongly confirm that by confirming this Agreement and/or order, you agree to the Confidentiality Statement of Confidentiality terms as well. 15. At the stage of approval of the order and prior to payment, all terms of the contract are clearly visible to you, including the total price you will pay. Therefore, by purchasing the ticket and confirming the order, we reiterate that you will accept these contractual provisions exactly and will once again remind you to carefully review all contractual provisions before making your payment. 16. The FOREIGN POLICY INSTITUTE is responsible for the storage and security of personal data that is obtained about you. We also note that your personal data cannot be transmitted to third parties without your consent and may not be used for any other purpose than the purposes you have been notified. 17. When you register for activities organized by the FOREIGN POLICY INSTITUTE, your certification or certification will be done in the form of the NOUN YOU provide to us. THE FOREIGN POLICY INSTITUTE agrees that after you deliver us the wrong name and/or surname spelling in the certificate addressed to you, it will not accept any errors made by us, but will receive a certificate of the name of the participant who has paid and completed the registration, as provided with their last name. Our participants who have rejected the certificate for wrongdoing and are requesting a revised certification must accept the extra payment and terms set out by THE FOREIGN POLICY INSTITUTE. In addition, the FOREIGN POLICY INSTITUTE has set delivery time of 40 business days for certificates/documents that are not received effective from the event date. Foreign POLICY INSTITUTE is not responsible for certificates that are not received after 40 business days from the seminar date. Since 18 FOREIGN POLICY INSTITUTE hosted the event’s certification publishing effort on Wednesday, just before the event, the certificate study for our participant paying up to 23.59 the Tuesday night before the event takes place on Wednesday. However, payments made after 23.59pm on Tuesday night, your event day certificates cannot be delivered to you and you agree to receive your certificates through this agreement on a 15 business day counterpaid shipment based on the day after the event. THE FOREIGN POLICY INSTITUTE reserves the right to forward or retract certification print days based on the status of the quota or as required by company policies. 19. Foreign POLICY INSTITUTE may, as part of its company policy, go to the policy of raising ticket prices or lowering ticket price during the event’s ticket sales. Our participant who previously raised their ticket cannot reclaim the difference if the price of a ticket falls. For a participant who makes their ticket less expensive, the ticket price is not necessarily higher. 20. Foreign POLICY INSTITUTE is responsible for taking part in ticket transactions outside of direct ticket sales channels. THE FOREIGN POLICY INSTITUTE has no responsibility. 21. All of these terms and conditions are subject to Turkish Law. FOREIGN POLICY INSTITUTE; prior to purchasing your ticket, we also confirm that you have already informed all consumers of the contract terms and content and that by purchasing the ticket and completing the payment, you have been advised of the arrangements for this agreement and that this clause is proof in accordance with the written evidence. In the event of any conflict arising out of this Agreement and/or due to service or ticket purchases, we will primarily attempt to resolve the dispute. However, in cases that cannot be solved by justice, we would like you to know that if you are buying tickets on various social media outlets by reaching our site or our representatives or call center, you may take your potential problems to the Appropriations and/or Consumer Courts within the framework of the monetary limits published in the applicable legislation. We also state that the Istanbul (Caglayan) Courts and Bailiff are competent for all disputes arising from the contract and that this provision constitutes a “power contract”. Privacy Statement and Personal Data Policy (Updated: 24/07/19) Welcome to the FOREIGN POLICY INSTITUTE. We want you to know that it’s very important for us to protect your personal information and to respect their privacy. We have created this Privacy Policy to explain how we use and protect the personal information you share with us. This Policy applies to all information available to us using (“Site”) and our services, as well as to all users purchasing tickets. By purchasing tickets we strongly confirm that you have read, examined and agreed to the contents of the Privacy Statement. You agree to the practices and rules stated in this Privacy Policy by our use of our website and services and/or by purchasing tickets. The FOREIGN POLICY INSTITUTE complies with Turkey’s legal regulations on privacy. THE FOREIGN POLICY INSTITUTE makes no commitment to whether this website is subject to the laws of other countries or operates in accordance with them, or whether any part of this website is eligible or ready for use in any authorized jurisdiction. Those who choose to use our website do so on their own initiative are responsible for the risks and are responsible for compliance with all local laws, rules and regulations. Visitors from outside Turkey, which uses this website, acknowledge that it is subject to the laws and regulations of the Republic of Turkey and waive all claims that will be made under its national laws. THE FOREIGN POLICY INSTITUTE reserves the right to modify, amend, add or remove provisions of this Privacy Policy in accordance with its legislation. Changes to this Privacy Policy will still be published to this website. We encourage you to check our website from time to time to continue to be aware of our privacy policy. By looking at the “Last Updated” date on this page, you can determine if the Privacy Policy has been revised since your last visit to our site. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully. Your use of our site and/or purchase of tickets constitutes your acceptance, without limitation, eligibility or modification, to be bound by this Privacy Policy. At any time, you must cease use of this site immediately if you do not agree to all terms and conditions herein. 1. What Information do we Collect? We collect two types of information through our Web site: “Personal Information” (or “PII”) and “Non-Personal Information” (or “Non-PII Information”). Personal Information is information that identifies or identifies you as an individual (e.g., residence, phone number, or billing information), and Non-Personal Information is information wholesale, demographic information, IP addresses, and other information that does not directly identify you. 2. Personal Information Foreign POLICY INSTITUTE pays attention to the private lives of users/visitors/customers who visit the website, use their applications, and the security of their personal data. (The site and its applications will all be referred to simply as “Sites”) THE FOREIGN POLICY INSTITUTE is responsible for storing and securing the personal data gained about you. We also note that your personal data cannot be transmitted to third parties without your consent and may not be used for any other purpose than the purposes you have been notified. 3. How do we use the information we collect? We know it’s very important to protect the information you share with us. We are taking appropriate legislation safeguards to help protect this information from unauthorized access and disclosure. For example, we may access, obtain, use, process your personal information within the statutory provisions and/or import your personal information abroad. We also encrypt credit card numbers and other sensitive information before we send it from your computers to our computers. We also use firewalls to help prevent unauthorized access to your personal information. You can feel secure when using our website. However, no system is completely safe. While we take all necessary steps to protect your information, there is always a possibility that you will be left out of warranty. That’s why you have to be very careful when you move and explain your personal information. For example, avoid sending personal information by email. As a rule, it is impossible for personal data to be processed without the express consent of the contact, “necessary for processing of personal data of the parties of the agreement, provided that it is directly related to the establishment or execution of a contract,” “the need to process data for the establishment, use, or protection of a right,” “the obligation of the individual to fulfill the legal obligation of the data person,” “the obligation of the person concerned to enforce data for the legitimate interests of the person concerned, without damaging the fundamental rights and freedoms of the person concerned,” and/or “The explicit implication of any person in the law” data processing will be possible. 4. How is your personal data collected? Through our website, sales and marketing department employees, customer gathered forms on customer visits, our digital marketing and call center/web site/social media/partners/partners and any other channel, your personal and/or custom personal data may be collected in oral, written or electronic form at your discretion. In addition, your personal data may be collected in oral, written or electronic form, through channels such as General Directorate, retail locations, kiosks, internet branch, social media and call center. Thanks again for choosing FOREIGN POLICY INSTITUTE! © All rights reserved.