Historical Perspective of the Karabakh Conflict and the Identities

In the last couple of weeks, the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict which is called ‘frozen conflict’ in terms of International Relations has come to the international and regional agenda once more again. The future of the Nagorno-Karabakh is being asked repeatedly. However, there is more than the future, the past. It is […]

Intelligence and Decision Making

Intelligence is in reality important to the renovation and enlargement of political and navy power. In practice, intelligence not often impacts the dedication of coverage even though it does happen. Intelligence does now no longer exist in simple terms for its very own sake. Taking the important motion is the remaining step of the intelligence cycle even though it isn't always named withinside the intelligence sports list. National safety generally encompasses all of the subjects of overseas policy. Intelligence each serves countrywide protection and overseas policy. Many governments keep a few sorts of intelligence functionality as a depend of survival in a global in which risks and uncertainties nonetheless exist. One essential motive for the lifestyles of the intelligence network is […]

How is Davutoglu’s Strategic Depth viewed from the perspective of Turkic and Non-Turkic countries in the Caspian Region?

After the Kemalist revolution of 1923, Turkey started to pursue Western modernism with stabile and isolationist policy from their East neighbors and with the rejection of Ottoman culture. However, defensive and isolationist Western policy changed by Turgut Özal’s neo-Ottomanism approach. Demirel’s argument of the Turkish world from the Adriatic to […]


INTRODUCTION Following the breakup of Yugoslavia in 1990, the independence of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1992 has provided serious human tragedy in the Balkan region. This article investigates the article of “Decision to Intervene: How the War in Bosnia Ended” from the author of Ivo H.Daalder. The main research question […]

French Elections 2020

This article written by Yasemin Erge   The 2020 French municipal elections were held from 15 March to 28 June. The election system of France consists of two rounds. Local elections held a few days ago surprised France. French president Macron was defeated. In 2015, local elections were held last. With the […]