COVID masks vs. face recognition programs

At the moment, all eyes are on the demonstrations in the USA and the course of the COVID epidemic. But Hong Kong has been hosting similar protests every weekend for months. Moreover, they are struggling against the Chinese administration, which has no regard for human rights. They are fighting against […]

Welcome Back to Kissinger’s World

BY MICHAEL HIRSH Neoconservatism has died, and liberal internationalism is discredited. Perhaps it’s time to return to the ideas of one of the last century’s greatest realists. You can hate Henry Kissinger and think him evil. What you can’t do is ignore him—especially now. So argues Barry Gewen in his incisive […]

American Exceptionalism in the Age of Trump

Jun 5, 2020 JOSEPH S. NYE, JR. This article taken from As the world’s two largest economies, the United States and China are condemned to a relationship that must combine competition and cooperation. For the US, exceptionalism now includes working with the Chinese to help produce global public goods, […]

The Endangered Asian Century

America, China, and the Perils of Confrontation By Lee Hsien Loong June 4, 2020 U.S. President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing, November 2017 Doug Mills / The New York Times / Redux “In recent years, people have been saying that the next century will be the century of […]

From China to India

From China to India By George Friedman June 2, 2020 Open as PDF U.S.-China relations have been in decline for a long time. The United States had for years provided China with relatively free access to the American market. The United States wanted equivalent access to the Chinese market, but China […]


The death of George Floyd triggered a number of events for the last week. Sources say that the violence is falling now. Here is an article from regarding the issue George Floyd death: More large protests in US but violence falls Tens of thousands of people have demonstrated, mainly […]