21st September EU Council

On September 21st 2020, the day has been addressed many issues in the actual European Commission in Brussels: Belarusian crisis, Turkey Eastern Mediterranean issue, Venezuela, Libya civil war, the European Union-China relations, the Russian issue, Lebanon, the European Union, and African Relations. The election was lived on 9th August 2020 […]

"Enrich the Country, Strengthen the Armed Forces’’

In his article, ‘’Enrich the Country, Strengthen the Armed Forces’’ 1, Hasan Kösebalaban opens up the discussion of Shinzo Abe’s legacy by mentioning his grandfather, Kishi who came to power by the support of the USA in order to counter the Yoshida’s doctrine; anti-military stance while building the economy. He […]

Idlıb crisis

The Civil War, which started with the increasing opposition to the regime in Syria in 2011, continues today. Turkey is bordered by Syria and Turkey to remain silent in this war because it was impossible. Although the first year of the war in Turkey’s foreign policy ;zero problems with neighbors […]


Western states, principally the Unites States and the EU, are concerned about the escalation of dispute in the Eastern Mediterranean.The persistent and uncompromising attitude of Turkey has been challenging Greece and the EU in political terms.In 2020, Eastern Mediterranean is like a bomb ready to explode due to the competition […]