Gün: 14 Ağustos 2020

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Israel and the UAE Just Made Peace. Is It About Iran—Or Turkey?

Turkey, Qatar, and U.S. domestic politics loom just as large as the Islamic Republic in the Middle Eastern powers’ decision to normalize relations. by Matthew Petti   Israel will establish diplomatic relations with the United Arab Emirates and hold off on the U.S.-backed plan to annex part of the Palestinian territories, all three countries announced


Conflict With Small Powers Derails U.S. Foreign Policy

The Case for Strategic Discipline By Michael Singh Over the past decade, U.S. policymakers have argued for a renewed focus on great-power competition. The primary threats facing the United States, they suggest, are powerful states with global reach that seek to counter both American interests and the international order that safeguards them. But American foreign


The old transatlantic relationship ain’t coming back

This article written by Paul Taylor Even if Joe Biden replaces Donald Trump as US president, Europe will have to learn to carry its share of the burden. With those four words, uttered at the 2019 Munich Security Conference, Joe Biden warmed the hearts of Europeans despairing at the erratic, indifferent and at times openly hostile