Although Latin America countains several countries, almost all of them are naturally beautiful and very popular for tourism. The latin people are down to earth people, love to spend good time by dancing and having fun. However, several of them have been very problematic regimes and still creates a lot of […]

Cyprus: Situation Status Quo

Cyprus: Situation Status Quo By: Seyfi Tashan In his article that appeared in the Hürriyet Daily News of February 4th, 2020 columnist Yusuf Kanlı analyzes the pre-Presidential election programs of political parties in Northern Cyprus and informs us that a great majority of party leaders support federation as a solution […]

A NEW FACE FOR foreignpolicy.org.tr

A New Face for foreignpolicy.org.tr Foreign Policy institute website was established more than 30 years ago. Since then, the preferance of generations have also changed. While maintaining serious and informative character of the contents of this website, we hope our followers will find more varied content and richer input. Richer […]